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FM-2A - V2+ Mounting Block, Block Only

FM-2A - V2+ Mounting Block, Block Only

  • $3400

For a faster & better-weatherproofed installation. No more rough-cut cedar blocks or labor-intensive flashing on the job site. Tough fiber cement block will last decades. Use the pre-flashed flange for new construction (flash to your WRB), or use the removable fiber cement block insert for retrofits.

  • Provides a flat, smooth mounting surface for hydrant installation. Flange and head-flashing for water intrusion protection.
  • The durable, paintable fiber-cement block is the same formula as your fiber-cement siding. Designed to last decades without maintenance, it won't rot or degrade like natural wood.
  • Frame is made with weather-resistant ASA polymer. It's the same material as our hydrant debris covers, and what we use on our marine products. Highly UV-resistant and flexible enough that it won't crack when fastened to your sheathing.
  • The flange stays under your siding, protecting against water intrusion. Simply attach to your WRB (weather-resistant-barrier), then seal the edges and fasteners with flashing tape.
  • Because flashing systems must be installed under siding, generally they are permanent and not replaceable unless the siding is removed. With our system, the flashing stays in place. The block insert can be swapped without replacing the flange.
  • All holes are cut via water-jet for extreme accuracy. Holes are piloted at a 5° angle to match the hydrant's downward grade.
  • Aquor can supply custom fiber-cement block inserts. Choose custom textures, colors, and hole patterns. We can help you make blocks for all your exterior fixtures, including lights and vents.

*Special Order Item – Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery if product is not in stock.

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