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CN-AN-B - Angled Hose Connector - Blue

CN-AN-B - Angled Hose Connector - Blue

  • $2700

The Angled Connector makes connecting to your House Hydrant easier than ever. The downturn angled handle provides extra leverage over our standard straight hose connector. Perfect for higher water pressures, or anyone with arthritis or joint pain. Water flow turns on instantly, so you’ll want to use it with a garden hose (you can attach a ball valve if needed).

  • Instant water on/off. Water starts flowing instantly when connected.
  • Internal Check Valve. Prevents water spray when unplugging, provides mild backflow protection, and allows you to store your garden hose without it dripping
  • Heavy-duty acetal resin. Much tougher than ABS plastic, this polymer is engineered to be crush-proof, abrasion-resistant, and UV-resistant.
  • High-Performance Viton® O-Rings. Some of the highest quality O-rings available. Rated for hundreds of thousands of cycles in typical use.
  • Use with any garden hose. Standard 3/4" threading attaches to all standard garden hoses.

*Special Order Item – Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery if product is not in stock.

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